Digital Radio Mondiale

DRM digital radio is the global standard that can uniquely offer new broadcasting services to local, regional, national and international audiences. It is the newest, most complete and internationally recognised system for digitising radio in all frequency bands. This means broadcasting radio programmes on short, medium and long waves (AM frequencies), as well as in the VHF frequencies – usually in the FM bands. DRM brings radio in the 21st century ensuring its continued future.

To listen to DRM, you need to use a WebSDR radio… Visit  and look for a station with the DRM icon.

From the ‘extensions’ menu select ‘DRM’…
Then from at the top of the screen in the schedule, select a radio station that has a green or pink bar showing for the time you are listening (red line shows your current time). Not all WebSDR stations will be able to receive all the DRM stations – they might be too far away, or radio conditions might not be favourable.