Welcome to JOTA at Gilwell Park - GB2GP

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) from Gilwell Park is a little different this year due to the restrictions at the campsite. So please join our small team of operators by watching the streamed video above. You can send comments to the station by watching the stream in YouTube and commenting there.

We also have a number of other activities listed below for you to try – click on the image or headline of each activity to be taken to its page. Click on the back link to come back to this index page.

It shouldn’t be necessary to pay for any app to take part in JOTA activities!


What is Amateur Radio?

If you'd like more information about amateur radio, what it is, and how to get started, head over to this excellent site by The Essex Ham. (Link opens a new window)

Receive weather charts by radio

Receive weather charts using shortwave radio... these charts are broadcast so shipping can receive the latest weather reports when at sea, and have no access to the Internet.
Click on the heading for more.

Radio webcams

Visit the amateur radio station at Gilwell Park and see what's happening on our webcams.

Latest News

For all the latest news from the GB2GP radio station, please follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or visit this page for the highlights so far...

Log your stations heard

If you follow the links to some of the radio receviers, you will be able to hear the Scout contacts taking place over JOTA. Click on the title above to download your own page to track who you've heard.

JOTA High Altitude Balloon Launch

Wouter, PA3WEG, is hoping to launch a HAB from just outside Amsterdam on Saturday 17th Oct at 11am UTC (that's noon here in the UK!)... Follow the track of the balloon here, and see live images sent back from the balloon. Click logo above for more information.

Are you in our logbook?

All our radio contacts are logged... check our recent contacts here.


To find out about Jamboree on the Air and Internet activity in other countries, as well as some more exciting activities, visit the World Scout JOTA/JOTI island here. (Link opens a new window)

See radio stations using morse code

Morse code is still used to talk to other shortwave radio stations around the world. Click on the image above to read the conversations taking place now.

Listen to International radio stations

Most countries have their own short wave broadcast radio stations, and some of these run a high quality service called DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale). Click here to find out more.

Listen to DMR amateur radio stations

Listen to amateur radio stations talking to each other using DMR. This is now listening to the 907 'JOTA' Talk Group.

Listen to D-Star amateur radio stations

Listen to amateur radio stations talking to each other using D-Star. During JOTA this will be on the 'JOTA' Conference.

Live video streams

As we are unable to be at Gilwell this weekend, visit our live video streams to see our operators in their own stations


Sign our guestbook!

Thank you for visiting our JOTA page - please sign the guestbook and let us know where you are from!

Data radio contacts

Using shortwave radio, we can contact other radio stations using various data modes. This map shows where we've been heard and who we've spoken to over the last 24 hours. For more information about the radio modes, click here. Click on the map for the full picture.


Contact Map and current frequencies

See where we've managed to contact from the radio station at Gilwell over the JOTA weekend (17/18 Oct 2020) and find out where we are operating now!

Design a Contact (QSL) card

When we speak to another radio station, we send them one of our cards to confirm we spoke to them. Visit this page to see some of the cards we've received, and see what you need to do to design your own.

Watch amateur television stations

Radio amateurs can send television pictures by radio! The British Amateur Television Club run a streamer where all the stations can be seen. Click the logo to see streamer.

Fun in Space

Find out how Radio Amateurs use satellites in space to talk to each other and to learn about our planet.