Download your own Logbook page by clicking on the link to the right. As you listen to the various radio receivers, you’ll hear different radio stations from around the world. Fill in your log sheet to keep a note of who you hear.
Frequency: This is shown on the radio receiver and is usually shown in Megahertz (MHz).
Mode: Are they using voice; sstv (Slowscan Television); Morse Code; Data… ?
Station Callsign: this identifies the radio station and is usually a series of letters and numbers.
Signal Strength: How well can you hear them? (Weak; medium; strong or very strong).

Download a logbook page

Click on the page to download your own logbook page to fill in.

Where is that station from?​

The start of the callsign (or ‘prefix’) will tell you what country the radio station is in… So for example if you hear a station ‘F6ABC’ the ‘F’ tells us they are in France. Here is a map of Europe, and other maps of the world can be found by clicking here.

A list of countries and their prefixes can found by downloading this list.