QSL Cards

Confirmation (QSL) Cards

QSL cards are sent through the post to a station after they have been contacted to confirm the details of the contact.

They contain the callsign of the station sending the card, as well as the name and location and often a photo or image related to that station.

Design a new card for us...

At GB2GP we need new cards to be sent out to the radio stations we speak to…  Why not design a new card and email it to us?

We’ll feature the best cards we receive on this website, and we’ll choose one to use after JOTA is over, and get it printed.

The design can be single or double sided, and can be full colour or just one colour. It needs to include space for the contact details (see examples in the cards above and on the right).

Email your card design to us:
Make sure to include your name and Scout Group.

We look forward to seeing your designs!

Front of our existing QSL card
Back of our existing QSL card.